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You may ask are you in love? Then only you can know. But you must know how to validate your relationship.

Friends are forever that is really love. Loving isn't easy. But you have to work from firends. Been friends isn't easy you have to bear alot, you have to build that friendship and know how to maintain it.

Like two birds cuddling and showing love so we should be loving to each other

No one said loving would be easy. Yes they are people who feel the same for the same sex but is it wrong? Does it give a healthy relationship?

It is best to let people know what kind of relationship you have with each other so it does not affect what you have in the latter

Loving is not easy. But you have to have passion in a relationship to keep it burning

Been sexy

Marking your body with the words " i love you and been sexy about it at the time can really say a lot.

Just by been close

Just by been close to the person can let them know you mean alot to them.

Soft touch of love

Just by giving a soft touch of the love in a gift

Using I love you

Red says alot for love. But coming in also and seeing I LOVE YOU in sweets means alot.

Sign of love

Showing love with your fingers can be another way to show love in a relationship.

Love on the Beach

Showing love on the beach by impriting " I LOVE YOU " in the sand

Love with a note

A gift of love and

Love at your finger tips

Showing love with your fingers is sweet in a relationship. Just the fact that you take the time out to write each letter on each finger

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